Camera & Darkroom Photo Finishing

In these days of low quality big box store photo processing, it's nice to know that excellent film and digital work is always available at Camera & Darkroom stores. Most of the "labs" now do not even return your negatives to you, and negatives are critical to making quality enlargements. Low resolution scans are not enough, and the paper they use for their prints is not even close to the quality we have come to expect in the past. At Camera & Darkroom we develop your film and make your prints the old fashioned and high quality way.

Our lab offers a wide array of services, whether you have switched to digital, or are still using film. (There are a lot more of you film shooters out there than you think!) Here is an overview of our services, and please call us for more details about pricing and turnaround times.

Print Film and Negatives (C-41 and B&W)

We process both 35mm and medium format films, and can provide prints, contact sheets, and digital scans, either at time of development, or later on from existing negatives. We can make quality prints in sizes from 3x5 and 4x6 up to huge poster sizes, with quantity discounts. available.

Transparency (Slide) Film (E6 Process)

Slide film is no longer processed anywhere in New Mexico. Over the last few years two of the three labs which handled it have gone out of busuness, and the third has discontinued the processing. While Camera & Darkroom sometimes carries a limited supply of E6 film, we must now send it out of state for development. Please call for pricing and turnaround times.

Digital Services

Camera & Darkroom can copy your memory cards to CDs or DVDs. We also recommend our scan to CD services from your negatives or slides, with special rates at the time of film development.

We scan prints, negatives or transparencies, large or small, so get out that shoebox full of memories, and share them with your famiy and friends. Use our scans in your web projects, or to flex your own image editing skills. No project is too large or small for us.

Digital Restoration

Our lab specializes in bringing that old or damaged family heirloom back to life! Cracks and stains can be removed and faded colors can be expertly returned to their former glory. Let us look at your project and provide you with cost estimates on anything from simple red-eye removal to eliminating entire people or backgrounds.


So please stop in or give us a call:

Albuquerque: (505)255-1133

Santa Fe: (505)988-2043