Our Albuquerque Store:

2530 Washington NE

Albuquerque, NM 87110

At the Corner of Washington and Menaul (almost)

Click here for a map, or call 505-255-1133 for directions.

Our Santa Fe Store:

1005 S. Saint Francis #113

Santa Fe, NM 87505

At the Corner of Cerrillos and Saint Francis

Click here for a map, or call 505-983-2948 for directions.
Santa Fe Now Open Saturdays, 10 - 4!
We buy vintage camera equipment!

Bring in what you have, and let's take a look.

Film is by no means dead! We sell film, 35mm,120, and even 4x5. We have an excellent processing lab, so give us a try. We also stock a wide range of film cameras, lenses and accessories, along with darkroom equipment and chemistry. Stop in soon and check it out!

About Camera & Darkroom

Camera & Darkroom has been in business since 1976 and we are proud to be the largest photographic retailer in New Mexico. As always, we are locally owned and operated and have a dedicated full-time sales staff who are committed to product knowledge and excellent service. We strive to establish and maintain lifetime relationships with our customers. If you haven't yet done so, please come in to visit one of our two locations. 

Why Buy From Us?

Our salespeople always make the effort to successfully match products with customers' needs and wants. Our stores are filled with inventory ranging from darkroom and fine art products to high-end digital equipment. When you buy from Camera & Darkroom, you can actually hold the cameras in your hands and look through the viewfinder prior to purchase!

We DO NOT and WILL NOT sell "gray market" products. Many retailers are able to sell cameras and film at prices actually below authorized dealer costs. One way this can be accomplished, is to sell "gray market" products. These are items never intended for the United States market and consequently are not authorized by the manufacturers.

How can this hurt the consumer? It can hurt in many ways: If the item in question is film or any of the other perishable goods like paper, chemistry, or batteries, one would have to worry about its history. These items could be sitting out in the sun and elements or in un-refrigerated warehouses for days or weeks at a time, until oversea brokers are able to move the product. Its origins are questionable and the product could be damaged. If the item in question is a camera, it could be new but without warranty or it might be a refurbished second class unit.

All legitimate hardware comes with a manufacturer's USA warranty. A USA warranty with a company other than the manufacturer will not be honored by the manufacturer. Consequently, your broken camera might have to go to Japan for repairs and that could take months. Parts are not always available to unauthorized repair centers. Camera & Darkroom sells only Legitimate USA products.

We sell cameras in the same packages the manufacturers do. This means that we do not charge extra for the items originally packaged with the camera which might include straps, cables, chargers or batteries. Our manufacturers' outfits include manufacturer lenses, not some other name brand that was added to bring the cost down. This means if you ever have a problem with a product you buy from us, we can help since we have full manufacturer support.

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